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Pre-Planned Funerals

We provide customers will a convenient and comprehensive pre-planning funeral service.
Pre-planning means a client can choose the funeral package that they're interested in along with choosing all the unique details of their service (flowers, coffin, headstone etc.). Clients can also organise a manageable payment plan, where they pay for their funeral in instalments. This service affords clients the peace of mind of knowing that after their passing their family won’t be put under any unnecessary organisational or financial strain. The client can also be assured that their wishes will be carried out to the letter.

Our Pre-Planned Funerals Service

Our pre planned funeral service is offered in conjunction with our partners at the Golden Charter.
The advantage of this service is the peace of mind it offers clients.
A pre-planned funeral takes the burden and potential finical strain of a funeral off the shoulders of the client's grieving family. With a pre-planned service, the funeral is taken care of, and the client can be assured their funeral will be carried out in strict accordance with their wishes.
The client can select everything from the kind of ceremony they want to the coffin or casket that will be used.

Planning Ahead
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